Everyone Loves a Makeover

Go from uncomfortable *I think I might throw up* to confident *unicorn rainbow sprinkles shooting from your body*. Ok, there might not be unicorn rainbow sprinkles every time, but you will definitely experience a transformation. Coaching will help you know how to mentally, emotionally and physically engage with your song and connect with your audience. It is perfect for the singer who is preparing for an audition or performance. Go into that experience with confidence and nail it!



Private Voice Lessons

You have a unique voice that we will help you discover. Our 45-minute sessions begin with a quick question, “What do you want more of from your voice?” and then we do everything in our power to achieve it. Through a series of vocal warm-ups and exercises, that are completely tailored to you, you will develop balance in your voice, expand your range, increase strength, and know what your wonderful instrument is made of. After the vocal workout and “weight” training, we move on to the application process: working on a song, applying the techniques learned in your workout. The best part of every lesson is the end - when you're feeling awesometastic - knowing that your voice is truly limitless and you’ve achieved your goal!

A 4 session package is only $250 and will be integral to re-training your muscle memory and building consistency.