hey there!

We are just a couple of oddball gals from Edmonton, Alberta with a passion for singing, performing, teaching and inspiring. Ok, it’s a little more than that. Both of us have been singing since we were wee babes and have followed that passion through to adulthood. Joy singing while riding horseback through fields of daisies (for real) or at her piano while she worked away at the keys and Erika through her musical theatre glory days or on a ship across the Atlantic. Sound exciting? With a secondary education in music and theatre combined with years of professional singing experience, we decided we must share the wealth. We researched the most cutting edge and current methods of teaching and voice science and found VOCOLOGy!


The practice of vocology is the science of vocal habilitation. Not just rehabilitation, it is the process of building and strengthening your voice for specific demands and styles.


We are certified in Vocology, voice professionals at the forefront of vocal training for today's contemporary singer, and are continually training with renowned voice scientists, such as Dr. Ingo Titze, laryngologists, and the best voice teachers IN THE WORLD. YUUUP, that’s right!

We are passionate about this amazing instrument, and its versatility. We are thrilled to share how simple, practical changes in what we do as singers can completely transform our voices to do what we want them to.